Ava Glenn is a college student currently pursuing a degree in archeology. Her passion for animals, particularly reptiles, has driven her to devote her spare time to caring for and learning about these fascinating creatures and she currently works at Gator Land as a caretaker and educator. Ava’s affinity for nature extends beyond the realm of animals. Having grown up on a bamboo farm, she developed a profound appreciation for plants and their intricate interactions with nature. Ava was further nurtured during her time in Costa Rica. Living on a bamboo farm in this biodiverse country, she had the opportunity to immerse herself in a unique cultural experience. Alongside her daily duties looking after the resident goats, she attended a local school, absorbing knowledge from a diverse group of teachers and students who instilled in her a love for different languages and cultural exchange. With her deep-rooted love for the past and the natural world, she aims to bridge the gap between the knowledge of yesterday and the preservation of tomorrow.

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