Born in the Jungles of the island of Guam, David takes a “Natures the Teacher” Approach to all of his Play/Work in Permaculture. Listening and observing the patterns of nature, sharing what he sees with the world and coaching systems into abundance. Second to being a student of nature, David was a student of and mentored by Geoff Lawton. David received his PDC from Permaculture Research Institute Australia. After years of research and development on his 120 acre farm in Oklahoma, David Now travels the world, Teaching and consulting in permaculture. David specialises in large scale land restoration projects, many of which are focused on water and nutrient flow. David also is focusing half of his work now on discussions and research on permaculture of how we can relate as humans in more harmony.

David believes Permaculture is not about what we know, it is about us realizing, we know very little, and constantly stopping and soaking in all of nature in every moment, then dancing in harmony.

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