Shanti has been dedicated to the world of bamboo since the mid-90’s. After joining Walt Disney Imagineering design team in Florida as their expert in bamboos and ornamental grasses, she embarked on her own farming journey. Along the way, her fascination with the medicinal properties of bamboo grew, leading her to establish Bamboo Leaf Tea in 2008. As the pioneer in utilizing bamboos for medicinal purposes, Shanti has become a renowned expert in bamboo nutraceuticals. Shanti works primarily in the regenerative agriculture field consulting and planting bamboos in diverse projects spanning from small-scale 1/4 acre plots to expansive 200-acre sites. Her work caters to various settings, including zoos, animal rescues, and traditional agricultural settings. She is passionate about bamboos and facilitates the annual Bamboo Art Contest for the ABS as well as many bamboo events.

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