Ava Glenn

Ava Glenn is a college student currently pursuing a degree in archeology. Her passion for animals, particularly reptiles, has driven her to devote her spare time to caring for and learning about these fascinating creatures and she currently works at Gator Land as a caretaker and educator. Ava’s affinity for nature extends beyond the realm […]

David Ahlgren

Born in the Jungles of the island of Guam, David takes a “Natures the Teacher” Approach to all of his Play/Work in Permaculture. Listening and observing the patterns of nature, sharing what he sees with the world and coaching systems into abundance. Second to being a student of nature, David was a student of and […]

Maya Glenn

Maya Glenn is pursuing a double major in art and psychology at the University of Central Florida. Born and raised on a bamboo farm, Maya has developed a deep appreciation for their beauty and versatility. Her upbringing has cultivated an extensive knowledge and expertise in the many uses of bamboos. Throughout her childhood, Maya had […]

Hunter Vickers

Hunter Vickers, a fifth-generation Florida farmer, found himself facing the mounting difficulties that many farmers in the state were experiencing due to the increasingly challenging traditional practices of citrus and cattle farming. Determined to find alternative solutions, he embarked on a quest for innovative approaches to sustain his farm. It was during this search that […]

Shanti Pierce

Shanti has been dedicated to the world of bamboo since the mid-90’s. After joining Walt Disney Imagineering design team in Florida as their expert in bamboos and ornamental grasses, she embarked on her own farming journey. Along the way, her fascination with the medicinal properties of bamboo grew, leading her to establish Bamboo Leaf Tea […]